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What if YOU could talk with Animals?

Learn how to communicate with your beloved pets during this One-Day unique & magical seminar

Imagine if you could communicate telepathically with your favorite pets, having a better understanding of their daily needs, their true feelings and their specific purpose in your life.

Animals, like humans, have a soul and, through your intuition and heart centered connection, you can hear them speak as clearly as you do with your peers. You don’t need to be Dr. Dolittle to talk with animals: for decades many “soul whisperers” have been teaching the basics of animal communication to pets owners as well as veterinarians and holistic therapists.

During this interactive workshop, we will deepen the “soul to soul connection” with your beloved animals and understand how you can really “help” each other. In addition, if you bring a PRINTED PHOTO of your favorite pet, we will discover together its specific mission in your life. A magical appointment for all animal lovers!

Hosted by Diane LeBlanc, Soul Whisperer for animals… and humans!

One-day only – Saturday January 27th, from 10 am to 5 pm
Location : to be confirmed upon reservation (near the plaza in San Antonio Tlayacapan)
Rescuers, fosters and animals volunteers : 600$ – Regular price (others) : 750$

More info:
Drinks and snacks will be provided & available all day, with all documents necessary for the workshop.
For lunch, we suggest that everyone bring their own picnic, because there are very few restaurants close by.
You only need to bring printed pictures of your favourite animals (alive or deceased) to do the exercises.
Sorry we don’t have room to welcome your pet and there are already foster dogs at the house.

Contact us for more details or please use the button below to register.